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Lies Osaer

your Guide

Hi, ik begeleid jou doorheen deze uplifting 40 dagen meditatie reis.

Ik geloof dat we onze eigen heler zijn, dat we alles in ons hebben om de visies en dromen te realiseren en dat het enige wat we daarvoor nodig hebben een veilige ruimte is en easy breezy daily tools om onze energie in de richting van onze visie en dromen te sturen.

Die tools vond ik in Kundalini Yoga en de Akashic Records en die deel ik met jou tijdens de Meditation Club.

LiesOsaer-122 kopie.jpg

My Vibe:


Ik geloof dat we verbinden met de energie van een persoon.

Deze poëzie van Danielle Doby beschrijft mijn vibe, als Aquarius Soul, living in this Aquarian Age.


I am her.

She doesn't go with the flow. She is the flow.


Her story is one of intellect and curiosity. Guided by feeling, she moves from a place of expansion.

Always seeking honest spaces where her lungs can breathe and she can share

her truest Self with those around her.


She's different. Rare, even.

A cosmic rebellion interlaced with only good intentions. She believes in the impact of her own momentum and what her gifts can offer the world. She will ask you what your heart longs for, then help you find the courage within to go out and choose it.


The four winds. A cloud untamed. And self expression. She is a truth teller. A primal howl.

An echo in the dark forest. Breaking away from the mundane, you won't ever find her in stagnant water.


She is one for the changing tides, shifting patterns, and shedding energy

that is no longer aligned with her essence.

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